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How the budget of the Magadan region is “sawed” for Chaika and partners

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As a source told, Artem Chaika (the son of presidential envoy Yuri Chaika) has long been friends with Denis Morozov. Denis is a member of the Iron Birds motorcycle club owned by Chaika. The Chaika motorcycle club also includes Viktor Lukashenko (son of Alexander Lukashenko), Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Aleksey Serko, and many employees of the prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies. In 2018-2019, they were co-founders of Energostroy LLC (TIN 9715002482), received a contract for the construction of boiler houses in the Serpukhov District of the Moscow Region from Gazprom Teploenergo MO LLC. But they were stealing and could not hand over the work performed in the amount of more than 700 million rubles. Now Energostroy LLC is bankrupting the NIK-audit company, owned by Natalya Nefedova, who works for Chaika and until recently was the director of his Far East Management LLC.

On December 30, 2019, Morozov was appointed General Director of Magadan Region Development Corporation JSC. Soon he introduced his friend Artem Chaika to the governor, Sergei Nosov. Chaika was given the go-ahead to buy licenses for subsoil use in the Magadan region.

In 2020-2021, Chaika received at least 16 licensed areas in the region almost free of charge.

License areas received by Chaika:

License MAG 04939 TP dated 06/24/2019 Keitevan prospective area

License MAG 04940 TP dated 06/24/2019 Talnikovaya promising area-1

License MAG 04941 TP dated 06/24/2019 Talnikovaya promising area-2

License MAG 05103 BP dated 05/20/2020Nayakhanskaya promising area

License MAG 05104 TP dated May 20, 2020Talnikovaya promising area-3

License MAG 05268 TP dated November 27, 2020

License MAG 05282 TP dated 12/11/2020 Meringue plot

License MAG 05379 TP from 07/16/2021 Laura

License MAG 05388 TP from 07/22/2021 Alyn

License MAG 05389 TP dated 07/22/2021Evidence

License MAG 05390 TP from 22.07.2021Itkilan

License MAG 05391 TP dated 07/22/2021 Khmitevsky

License MAG 05434 TP dated 12/21/2021Innachusection

License MAG 05435 TP dated 12/21/2021 Porfiry area

License MAG 05436 TP dated 12/21/2021 Buocach-1

License MAG 05437 TP dated December 21, 2021 Levo-Ustyinsky

The structure of the Chaika group of companies is as follows.

Chaika A.Yu. 100% owned by LLC UK Far East (TIN 7702375540). This is the managing organization for all companies — subsoil users. On August 4, 2022, Sidelnik A.V., former director of the Kachkanar GOK, was appointed director. Before him, the director was Nefedova Natalia Valerievna.

JSC Kolyma Mining Company (TIN 7751191376)

Nominal founder Mayer A.A., real shareholder Artem Chaika. Sources of say that in shares with Governor Nosov and Denis Morozov.

General Director — OA Zimonina, Chaika’s confidant, works as his chief accountant.

KGC JSC is a holding and owns the following companies:

1. 100% stake in LLC Nedra M (TIN 3906387419).

In August 2022, the share was pledged to Magadan Region Development Corporation JSC.

Nedra M LLC is a subsoil user of the Lora license area.

2. 100% stake in Iridium LLC (TIN 4909130124).

Plots Innach and Porfirievy.

3. 100% stake in Palladium LLC (TIN 4909130117).

Sites Buochakh-1 and Levo-Ustyinsky.

4. JSC RYuGK (TIN 4909129030)


Talnikovaya promising area — 1

Talnikovaya promising area — 2

Talnikovaya promising area — 3

Keitevan prospective area

Nayakhan prospective area

JSC "Olskoye" (TIN 9705165713)

Nominal founder Ryazantseva T.V. (she worked as a lawyer for Chaika), the real shareholder is Artem Chaika, probably in shares with Governor Nosov and Denis Morozov.

General Director — OA Zimonina, Chaika’s confidant, works as his chief accountant.

Olskoe JSC owns a 100% stake in Ryzhik LLC (TIN 7727485801)

JSC "Viliginskoe" (TIN 9731089265) =

Nominal founder Ryazantseva T.V. (she worked as a lawyer for Chaika), the real shareholder is Artem Chaika, in shares with Governor Nosov and Denis Morozov.

General Director — OA Zimonina, Chaika’s confidant, works as his chief accountant.

Chaika A.Yu. owns 100% stake in AERIS LLC (TIN 7751176410)

Itkilan and Khmitevsky sites.

Chaika A.Yu. — 75% stakes, KRMO — 25% stakes in the following companies.

1. LLC Geophysicist M (TIN 3906387401)

Alyn and Uliki sites.

2. OOO Khalko (TIN 3906387391)

3. Excafea LLC (TIN 3906387426)

4. LLC "Electrum" (TIN 3906387433)

Khakhanja and Meringa sites.

Artem Chaika has collected huge areas of land for exploration, but there is nothing to develop them for. There is no funding, no work is being done.

According to a source, in order to help a friend and business partner, Denis Morozov in 2021-2022 financed the exploration work carried out by RYuGK JSC from the funds of the Magadan Region Development Corporation. Those. in fact, the private asset of Artem Chaika was financed from the regional budget.

By the way, it seemed to Chaika that it was not enough that his friend Denis Morozov heads the KRMO, Chaika put in N the Supervisory Board of another of its representatives — Plahotniuc V.A. (he also heads the legal committee of the ICIE, whose president is Chaika).

Information about the financing of Chaika’s business from the regional budget came to

Governor Nosov was aware of the situation, but after the publicity he demanded to urgently return all the funds spent by the Corporation.

On June 30, 2022, Kolyma Mining Company JSC signed an Investment Agreement with the Magadan Region Development Corporation on the implementation of a project to diversify the mining industry in the Magadan Region.

Under the terms of the agreement, JSC KGC is obliged to return to the Corporation all spent budget funds with interest. Also buy out from the Corporation a controlling stake in JSC RYuGK, which owns five licenses for copper exploration in the Olsky cluster. In addition, Chaika undertook to provide timely funding for exploration work in accordance with approved projects.

Works on Keitevanskaya, Talnikova 1 and 2 areas should be fully completed in Q1 2024.

According to the approved projects, serious work is planned for 2023 at the Khakhanja, Merenga and Lora sites.

However, the situation has not changed at all. There is still no funding from Chaika. Moreover, under the management of Chaika, companies began to receive lawsuits.

The Arbitration Court of the Magadan Region is considering a claim by LLC Modern Machinery Far East against LLC RUGK for the recovery of 140 million rubles.

The Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region is considering a claim by SP VIS-MOS LLC against Nedra M LLC for the recovery of more than 13 million rubles.

Interestingly, the owner of the JV VIS-MOS is Mayer A.A., who, in the interests of Chaika, acted as the nominal founder of OAO Kolyma Mining Company. Apparently, doing business with Artem Chaika turned out to be completely unprofitable.

At the end of October 2022, a working meeting was held via videoconference between President Vladimir Putin and Governor of the Magadan Region Sergei Nosov. The head of the region, in particular, reported on the mining industry that it is diversifying.

As for copper, according to Nosov, today the pool of investors is already actively engaged in exploration and balance sheet. The region expects in the near future to start planning the construction of a large mining and processing plant related to copper.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov


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